Doggy Day Bed

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Call it a Day.  Announcing your dog’s first “Doggy Day Bed”

Whether they are in a deep sleep or taking a quick break from the action, dogs of any age or physical ability will love the “easy in, easy out” low profile design.  The super plush interior, strategically placed supportive bolsters, and extended mattress combine to make this doggy daybed a versatile resting place for multiple sleeping positions.  

We promise whether your dog likes to curl up, spread out, or chill in their own space, they will love the Doggy Daybed because of all its benefits:

  • Livesmart® Fabric Offers Unmatched Durability
  • Hand-Sewn In The USA
  • Solid Construction Designed With Dogs Sleeping And Resting Habits In Mind
  • Supportive Bolsters For Security And a Place to Rest their Head
  • Breathable, Stain And Water Resistant Fabric
  • Removable Machine Washable And Dryable Cover
  • Available in Versatile Interior Design Inspired Fabrics to Complement Any Room or Taste
  • Dog Approved Special blend of Plush filling for added comfort

Colors Available
Pennsbury Bordeaux
Pennsbury Havannah
Pulitzer Hedgerow
Pulitzer Stone

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Large 46×36
Medium 36×31