Forgiveness Sofa

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Accidents Happen. Every Dog Deserves Forgiveness™. Announcing Forgiveness™, the first fully washable mattress for dogs.

If a dog soils his or her bed, simply washing Forgiveness with soap and water will not only eliminate foul smells, but rid the mattress of any dust mites, allergens or other contaminates that generally build in mattresses over time. Provides the absolute lowest level of toxicity available in a sleep product today.

Forgiveness is not to be confused with a washable mattress cover, it’s the mattress itself. In addition to being the most sanitary mattress on the market, it’s also among the most comfortable. Because LDPE is breathable, there is no heat build up. Forgiveness is a game changer and a breakthrough in sanitary sleep for dogs.

  • 100% breathable, means no heat buildup.
  • 100% washable. Eliminates dust mites, allergens, and bed bug infestations keeping the mattress internally sanitary
  • Meets all current Federal, State and local fire retardant
  • 5″ thick

Cover information:

  • Luxury microsuede fabric
  • Removable
  • Machine washable and dry-able
  • Bolsters are zippered in for easy removal
  • Main zipper made of rust-proof brass
  • 1 year limited warranty

Exterior Dimensions:

Medium- 30″ Wide x 20″ Deep

Large- 40″ Wide x 30″ Deep

X-Large- 54″ Wide x 36″ Deep

Interior Dimensions:

Medium- 18″ Wide x 14″ Deep

Large- 28″ Wide x 18″ Deep

X-Large- 42″ Wide x 24″ Deep


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