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The Ooboo Designs Pet Haven is a non-confining “enclosed” premium pet bed that provides not only comfort, but the security of a den that a traditional bed lacks. The small size is also perfect for cats. This adorable indoor den boasts attic toy storage, a memory foam sleep pillow and a carrying case! Its faux leather exterior and contrast stitching makes it attractive enough to place in the living room or bedroom. It is easily assembled, portable and collapsible. Fold it up and take it with you when traveling, or drop it off with friends or family while they watch your pet, providing a safe, familiar sleeping area that reminds them of home – A safe haven.


– Pet Haven Dog House
– Memory Foam Bed with 2-sided Sherpa Fleece/Cotton Canvas Cover
– Carry Case


– Portable/Collapsible for Storage or Travel
– Lid Opens for Attic Toy/Leash Storage
– Side Carry Holes & Rear Ventilation Holes
– Easy to Clean Faux Leather
– Sturdy Fiberboard Construction


– Measure your dog from nose to butt. If she is 21″ or less in length, the SMALL DOG Size is perfect. Measures 21" x 17" x 21". Door opening is 14" x 13.5".
– If she is between 21″ and 28″ in length, the MEDIUM DOG size is perfect. Measures 28" x 20" x 25". Door opening is 18" x 16"!

– If you have a cat, go with the SMALL DOG size.


Return the product within 30 days and Ooboo will refund 100% of the product amount. 



"(Dogs) need their own sanctuary that is just large enough for them to fit inside and feel secure... where they can go when they are stressed. If you don't provide your dog a "den" of its own, it may make do with whatever is around -- a chair, the narrow place behind the couch...." - American Humane Society