Reversible Airy Vest XS

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Airy Vest is designed for active dogs, allowing them to run, jump and adventure in any type of weather.  And - it's also the lightest weight dog vest ever, so even the tiniest pup won't be slowed down by their outerwear.  

Airy Vest is water-resistant, filled with soft synthetic fill inside of ultra-light nylon fabric, DWR-treated to shed light moisture.  Lycra trimmings prevent drafts and keep warm air from escaping the vest, making it multi-seasonal and perfect for cold springs, chilly autumns and winter.  

Featuring an easy top-to-bottom zip, the wide range of Airy Vest sizes offer the right fit for pups tiny to huge!  Includes harness hole on back.

  • Ultra light. Weight is from 45 g/1.6 oz (small size) to 200 g/7 oz (large size).
  • Refined design.
  • Reversible construction.
  • 2 colorways.
  • Compact bag for storage and transportation.
  • High quality reversible zipper provides super easy fastening.
  • See last product image for size information