Fundle Inner Cooling Bag Liner

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After fitting it inside the fundle bag, the temperature inside the bag can be lowered up to 50 degrees (Temperature difference / individual difference exists).

Simply wet reuseable ice pack (2 are included) and place in insulated pocket.


 <Multipurpose utilization> If put inside the Fundle when going out, it plays a variety of roles such as an inner wrapper that hugs pets gently, a blanket that covers the back, a fleecy auxiliary cushion etc.

 <Assured cooling effect> By using a cool cotton fabric for the outer surface / quilted fabric for the back side and cold insulation material for the inner pocket in which a cool pack is placed, you will be able to cool your dogs/cats down during your outing in the sultry midsummer and the the air stays cold all day! 2 portable, reuseable ice packs are included.

 <Fashion item> Black/White graphic print. 

 <The cool cold insulation pocket that keeps the air chilly> Since the Fundle Cool Pack is of non-woven fabric, there is no water condensation on it~ When it is melted, you can reuse it after freezing. The Fundle Cool Pack is not a disposable item~ 2 ice packs are included so you can use them alternately ~

 * Zipper 1: The zipper to which the cover of the Fundle can be attached

* Zipper 2: The zipper that can be attached to the bottom of the Fundle so that the Cooling Inner Bag would not slip down by being securely fixed to the Fundle.

 Fabric: Outer side (quilted fabric) / Inside (cotton 100%)