Fundle Super Nova

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Cotton denim with hand painted star.

Like babies,pets feel most comfortable when we hold them in our arms because it provides the feeling of familiarity and eliminates uneasiness. The Fundle Pet Sling holds your pet exactly the way you would! The Fundle Pet Sling induces the most comfortable sitting position for your pet--your dog won't even realize they're in a carrier! 

The Fundle Pet Sling is framed with cushioned tubing allowing your dog to comfortably rest their chin.  The slanted bottom combined with this chin rest mimics the feeling of being held in your arms for your pet, making travel pleasant for even the most anxious of pups! The cushioned headrest absorbs shock resulting from swinging allowing your dog to feel safe. The Fundle Pet Sling can be worn on either your left, or your right shoulder as it is designed to be usable on both sides!  The adjusting buckle on the strap is always in reach so that you can adjust the strap as needed at a moment’s notice.  The Fundle comes with a detachable cover, allowing your dog’s head to stick out on warm days, but still providing cover in situations where it is needed (such as on public transportation!) . Each bag is handmade using only the highest quality raw materials guaranteeing a high quality, well made and functional bag for short and long distance travel! The fabric of the bag is waterproof protecting your pet from anything Mother Nature has in store.

The Fundle Pet Sling is the most comfortable, safe, and convenient hands-free pet carrier available on the market today! 



Available in size Standard for dogs up to 11 lbs or Large for dogs up to 18 lbs.



* Adjustable and Padded Shoulder Strap

* Removable Zippered Mesh Cover

* Safety Leash

* Side Pockets

* Slanted Bottom

* Pipe Shaped Cushioned Headrest

* Soft Cotton Lining

* Ultra Lightweight